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The Policy Holder Preservation Association of America was founded by Shaun Hodge, Melanie Spoon and Cal Spoon. PPAofA for short will be conducting two separate annual conference. The “Path to Indemnity” conference will be held each year in Galveston, Texas and will continue to focus on issues surrounding the Policy holder and issues pertinent to the region.

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About "Mend the Fracture"

The “Mend the Fracture” conference will be hosted in a different location each year and will be centered around the needs of policy holder advocates. This will allow the PPAofA to tackle specific problems and regional issues and to go where the greatest need is.


The PPAofA is proud to be the leading conference provider in policy holder advocacy education.

Our educators are practitioners. They are in the trenches every day just like you. They are not on stage to sell you something, but rather to provide you with the priceless education they have received and educate you on the lessons they have learned during their rise to the top of their respective fields.


These conferences are built to empower policy holder advocates. You should leave each day with actionable items to improve your advocacy, business model, and bottom line.


"A rising tide lifts all ships,"

Let's connect.

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